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     Impressive and incredibly proficient service when dealing with our voluminous drapes and curtains. They look splendid once more.
Ellen G.03/11/2023
     In the 10 years that we have enlisted the help of DownhamCarpetCleaners, they continue to exceed expectations providing us with trustworthy cleaners who maintain impeccable standards in all cleans performing each one within expected time frames too!
Benny H.21/06/2023
     The office cleaning service was done well and was cheap too. Using CarpetCleaningDownham proved to be a cost-effective way to keep my office in order.
F. Rutherford19/05/2020
     The cleaners at Downham Cleaners are true professionals. They did all of the carpets as well as some upholstery cleaning at my home.
Judy Leiber20/09/2019
     I get to check spring cleaning off my list thanks to CarpetCleaningDownham!!!! They helped me get everything done - including my carpet cleaning I thought would have to wait! Everything looks so nice, thanks again!
R. Brown28/07/2017
      Downham Cleaners have been the best cleaning service I have ever used for my firm. They do good work, they are flexible and friendly, everything you could need. Ten out of ten.
Wilhelmina Westwood31/07/2015
     I run a small bar with my husband, and it's important that it gets a proper clean every morning before we open, and while we can handle that most days sometimes we need a little bit of help. DownhamCarpetCleaners were our first choice, and judging by the good work they did, we don't think we'll be changing any time soon! They cleaned the place up really well, not missing any of the tough spots. It's thanks to them that the bar looks good on the more hectic days, and we couldn't be happier with the result! We get in touch with this company at least once a week now, and I highly recommend them.
Sammy Y.29/08/2014
     I have used DownhamCarpetCleaners for a while now as a regular domestic cleaning outfit. They have always been prompt, pleasant and very good at what they do. The house always looks spotless, and I cannot recommend them enough for their way with a duster! Al; of this comes at a very reasonable price as well, which makes the whole thing a lot easier on the wallet, and I am delighted to be able to recommend them to anyone who has stumbled upon this review. A great company and a great clean, at a great rate!
Stephen Henderson31/07/2014